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Allergens Removed By Indoor Air Quality Devices

Most people are concerned about the indoor air quality of their homes and have devices in place to remove allergens, but exactly what allergens are being removed? How much would those allergens effect you and your family's health if they weren't removed? Here is a quick list of allergens commonly found in homes in the Gainesville area and why you should be having them removed.

Dust Mites

Dust mites develop in high humidity conditions which is classified as humidity above 50%. It is very common for us Floridians to have higher than 50% humidity and so it is very important to consider dehumidification within our homes. The healthy range is between 35-50% and will keep dust mites from developing which will in turn ensure your indoor air stays comfortable and safe. Dust mites are not dangerous, but they can severely increase complications from breathing conditions like asthma.

Animal Dander

A very common allergen for millions of people is dander from animals. Cats, dogs, birds and other common small pets make great companions, but they may also be impacting your air quality.

Dust and Dirt

Dust and dirt are in every home no matter how clean you keep it. While it is a common irritant, it can also inflame asthma symptoms or worsen allergies over time.


Pollen can be a major problem for anyone with seasonal allergies or hay fever. We get quite a lot of pollen here in Florida and while we can't get rid of all of it, having proper seals on your house in conjunction with indoor air filtration can reduce the amount of pollen making it into your home.

Mold Spores

It is unfortunate that mold is very common in areas like North Central Florida because of our climate. Mold develops in high humidity and likes places where it is dark and sometimes damp; like your HVAC ductwork. Proper filtration with a HEPA system and dehumidification settings will reduce your risk of mold within your home.

Bacteria and Viruses

Bacteria can develop in the air within your home due to air borne illnesses like the common cold, old food or outside contaminants. Using a UV light to remove these from your air handler or ductwork is a great option to minimize your exposure.

Smoke and Exhaust

Indoor/Outdoor ventilation can allow smoke and exhaust into your home which may cause irritation to your lungs. Avoiding this problem can be as simple as installing an electronic air cleaner that targets the particles in smoke.

Getting rid of the allergens in the air is an important aspect of maintaining a clean and healthy household. Making sure your home has proper air cleaning, filtration and UV purification helps to reduce these allergens and will help your family live in comfort.

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