Common Air Conditioning Types

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Every building in the Newberry, Florida area needs air conditioning for the majority of the year. With how hot and humid our area is, having cooling can effect your comfort as well as the condition of your home and belongings. Not every building or budget needs the same type of AC system though. Here is a short list of different types that are common in our area that you may consider for your home.

Window AC Units

These air conditioners are also known as unitary air conditioning systems. These types of systems consist of a single unit that is mounted at the window. One end of the unit transports heat from indoors to the outside while the other blows cool air inside the home. This device is very easy to install and can be used in almost any room that has a window.

Portable AC Units

This is a variation of the unitary AC system that does not require you mount it within the window. As the name suggests, you can move it from place to place within the home depending on your cooling needs. Heat from these devices is dumped outside through a hose vent that you feed through a window opening. Portable ACs are more energy efficient than any other type because they only cool the room they occupy as opposed to the whole home.

Ductless AC Systems

This type of AC is one of the most popular types world wide. It is also known as split air conditioning. This type of system consists of two parts; a wall mounted indoor unit as well as an exterior component. The indoor unit sucks in hot air from the room and cools it before blowing cool air back into the room. On the other hand, the outdoor unit cools the refrigerant first, before transporting it to the secondary units (air handlers) indoors. The two units are connected by electrical cables and metal tubes carrying the refrigerant.

Central AC Systems

These are the most common type of unit in our area. Central AC systems are fully ducted systems that can be either high velocity or low velocity. They work by extracting warm air from different parts of the house, cooling that air at a central location then distributing the newly cooled air back through the home by a series of ducts and vents. These are great options for cooling entire homes consistently.

Each of these air conditioning systems have benefits and drawbacks. Each is a viable cooling option. If you are considering a new cooling solution for your home, consider speaking with one of our expert HVAC technicians about your options. Our Newberry local technicians are well versed in our weather and would be happy to give you an idea of what would be your best options for the overall comfort of you and your family.

To speak with one of our experts today, call Dayton Heating and Air at 352-474-COOL.

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