Do You Have Cold Air Leaks?

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Although the weather here in the Gainesville, Florida area is usually very mild, when the coldest of nights occur and you just need to kick the heater on inside your home, you definitely want to make sure that heat stays in as efficiently as possible. How can you help your family stay comfortable this winter season?

Identify Your Leaks

The most efficient way to find all the leaks within your home is to hire a professional to perform an energy audit. They will be able to determine leaks more quickly though there is a cost associated with these types of tests.

If you are unwilling or unable to pay the fee to have this type of test done, there are ways you can look for leaks yourself. One of the best ways to do so is to light an incense stick and hold it in front of typical leak areas. If the smoke wavers, you have a leak. Please be very careful performing this test as using fire always requires care.

Typical leak areas include:

  • Door and window frames
  • Baseboards
  • Recessed lighting
  • Attic hatch
  • Electric plugs
  • Holes in exterior walls where plumbing, wires and cables come through

Fix The Leaks

You can easily fix most of the air leaks mentioned above with weatherstripping, caulk, and insulation. Or hire a technician to do the following:

  • Caulk around window and door frames; also baseboards.
  • Add weatherstripping between double doors and between glass panes.
  • Install foam gaskets inside electric plugs.
  • Fill in holes in exterior walls for plumbing, wires and cables with insulation.
  • Hire a technician to fix ductwork air leaks. These are not always easy to fix yourself and often a technician is needed for this type of leak.

Call Dayton Heating and Air today to speak with a local Gainesville expert about checking your HVAC system for ductwork leaks today. 352-474-COOL

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