Don’t Forget Your HVAC System During Remodeling

Projet d'agrandissement rénovation extension d'une maison

So you’ve decided to remodel your home? Something you may not have considered in your initial planning is how important it is to bring your HVAC contractor in early so you can stay comfortable in your newly designed space, especially with the tropical weather we have here in Gainesville, Florida. Depending on the scope of your remodeling there are a few options for what can be done with your HVAC.

Extending Your Existing System

It may be possible to keep your existing HVAC system and to extend the capabilities through additions into the newly remodeled space. Your HVAC contractor will have to make a sizing calculation to see if the existing system will have the capacity to take care of the new space well enough.

Adding A Zoning System

If your HVAC contractor’s calculation indicates that your current system is too small, you may still be able to use it by adding zoning into your home. A zoning system uses mechanical dampers to divide your home into separate areas that will be heated or cooled separately from the other areas. Besides saving money on a whole new system by being able to use your current system, the use of zones will make your home more comfortable and your power bill may be lower because the system will be more efficient.

Replacing The Current System

If the calculations of your HVAC contractor indicate that your unit is far too small for what you need after your renovations, or if the unit is no longer running at full efficiency and simply cannot condition your home any longer, it is time to consider a whole new system. It may be possible to fold the cost of a new system into a home renovation loan if you are making large scale renovations.

Installing A Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

These HVAC appliances are unique in that they are able to provide heating and cooling without any ductwork. They’re ideal for home additions or retrofitting HVAC into homes without space for ductwork. They offer a high efficiency option with a relatively easy installation process. Each mini split has its own thermostat so you can control which spaces are being conditioned and when.

To speak with a Gainesville, Florida local expert technician about your options for an upcoming or ongoing remodel, call Dayton Heating and Air at 352-474-COOL.

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