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Advantages Of A Ductless Split Heating And Cooling System

Ductless split heating and cooling systems are an ideal choice for heating and cooling just about any space because of a number of intrinsic advantages they hold.

No Duct System Needed

As the name implies, ductless systems do not require duct work; which means that they can be used in spaces where conventional duct systems are not feasible. Often older homes were never intended to have duct work installed and simply do not have the spaces available for those ducts to be run through. Trying to retrofit ducts into such a home can be costly and difficult to accomplish for a number of reasons. Going ductless can completely bypass this issue.

Better Indoor Air Quality

By using a ductless split system, homeowners will never have to worry about the air contaminants associated with a traditional duct system in their homes. Because the air within their home does not have to pass through a duct system it is typically much healthier. Traditional central HVAC systems operate by passing air through long ducts which over time will naturally accumulate contaminates and any airborne particles which may exist within your home. As the air continues passing through this duct system those pollutants get distributed back into the air your family breathes. Ductless systems completely bypass this issue and your indoor air quality can be improved.

More Energy Efficient

Ductless systems can be much more energy efficient than a typical central HVAC system. Ductless systems have been noted to save homeowners as much as 60% on their monthly cooling bills because the temperature setting can be adjusted for different rooms (depending on the system you have installed).

Split systems can be installed as a single zone or multiple zone system depending on your needs. This will allow for quiet and efficient cooling and heating for every area of your home. A single condenser unit can connect multiple air handlers due to the use of zoning systems.

Ductless systems offer solutions for a number of challenges including older homes, new additions or converting an attic or garage space. If you have an unusual space, a ductless system may be perfect for your needs.

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