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Energy Saving Tips For Winter

We have compiled a list of quick tips that can help everyone save some money on their heating costs where they can by winterizing their home. Please keep in mind that we have included tips for several types of homes so be sure to read through the list completely to find the ones that can best serve you and your family.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

By reversing the direction your ceiling fan spins on low you can help circulate warm air around the room.

Moisture Helps More Than You Might Think

The dry air in the winter months here in Newberry, FL along with the dry heat produced by heating sources can really dry out your home which believe it or not can make your home feel colder. A simple humidifier running throughout our colder months can keep our indoor air from being much dryer than normal which will in turn help with you and your family's comfort level. The moisture from the humidifier can help with any sinus issues caused by the cold or illnesses that are making the rounds this winter season.

Since air with moisture in it holds heat better, a lower temperature can be just as comfortable and you can save in energy costs. If you find that a smaller humidifier serves you and your family well throughout the winter season, you may consider getting a whole house humidifier.

Let In The Florida Sun

On our sunny Florida days this winter, take advantage of the sunlight to bring in additional heat by simply adjusting your blinds to be open and angle the light to your ceiling. It is important to remember to shut the blinds at sundown to minimize heat loss though so make sure you check them before bed!

Fireplaces Are Warm Right?

Fireplaces can waste a lot of energy. That chimney can pull warm air right out of your house when not in use. It is very easy to forget that when it's not pulling smoke out of your home it really is a hole pulling your heat out. Make sure you close the damper when not using your fireplace to minimize the loss, or you can install glass doors on the front of your fireplace to help keep your heat in.

Exhaust Fans: A Hidden Culprit

Exhaust fans like the one found in your kitchen can pull your warm air out of your home right through the vent. Exhaust fans also cause negative pressure inside your home that can lead to drafts through your walls, windows and un-insulated outlets within your home. They can also cause back drafts from the fireplace if you have one. To minimize your heat loss through exhaust fans, the simple solution is to use them sparingly throughout the winter to save yourself some money on that heating bill.

Maintenance Is Key

The best and most proactive defense you as a homeowner have against any heating issues is regular maintenance on your air conditioning and heating system. We recommend year round care with a trained professional through a reputable company. Regular maintenance performed by one of our local experts at least once a year could reduce your heating bill and prevent costly major repairs and replacements in the future. Check with our representatives to sign up for the DaytonCool maintenance program.

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