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What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Freezes

One of the most common issues people experience with their air conditioning system is for it to freeze. Because it is an experience most people in the Gainesville, Florida area will endure at one point or another in their life, it is important to know what to do.

Steps To Take When Your Air Conditioner Freezes

Turn Off Your AC

The very first thing to do when your air conditioner is frozen over is to turn it off. This will allow your equipment to "thaw out". To speed up the process you can run your HVAC system's fan. Just make sure that your AC is not set to the cooling setting.

Check For Clogs And Empty Drain Pan

While you're waiting on the air conditioner to thaw out, check the drain or condensate line to make sure it does not have a clog. This would be a great time to empty the drain pan while you're at it.

Change Air Filter

A very common reason for air conditioners to freeze is running the HVAC system with a dirty air filter. The filter needs to be changed as often as your filter is rated to be changed. Most one inch thick filters need to be changed every month so that your HVAC equipment can run at top efficiency.

Clear And Open Air Vents In The Home

Another cause of frozen air conditioners can be restricted air flow. It is very important to have adequate airflow for your HVAC system to function properly. Just like an impacted air filter can cause your air conditioner to work much harder than necessary, so can blocked or closed air vents. By closing or blocking air vents you are impeding airflow which will cause inefficient operation and often can cause your HVAC system to freeze up. Make sure that all your vents are clear and open to be sure that you are allowing the system do its job as efficiently as possible.

Have A HVAC Tech Inspect Unit

After your unit is thawed out and you have checked all the things outlined above, turn it back on in cool mode. If none of the above steps have allowed your unit to operate correctly, it is time to call a professional HVAC contractor. There are a number of other issues that can cause an air conditioner to freeze including low refrigerant level or the fan not running at the correct speed. There could also be an issue with the thermostat or another part within the system. These issues typically require a trained HVAC technician to resolve.

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