What Is R-22 And Why Is It So Expensive?

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If you have a HVAC system within your home, you are probably aware that it uses a refrigerant to create cool air for your environment. For a long time R-22 was a standard refrigerant that was used in many units.

After extensive studies it has been found that R-22 is extremely hazardous to our environment if it leaks from your system. Additionally the manufacturing process creates some extremely harmful byproducts into the air. In an effort to help with environmental concerns units have been switching to different refrigerants for several years and as of January of 2020 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will no longer allow the manufacture of R-22 within America or the import of it from other countries.

What does this mean for me?

If your unit is older than 2010, it is highly likely that your unit runs on R-22. In 2010 new units were beginning to be manufactured to avoid the use of R-22. You aren’t completely out of options for refrigerant however. A more environmentally friendly option called R-410A has been made to be compatible with older model units meaning that it is more widely available and therefore cheaper than any remaining R-22 might be because of scarcity.

It should be noted that a unit older than 10 years that is leaking refrigerant may have serious problems that will not be fixed by a top up of refrigerant. A major repair or full replacement may be needed.

If your unit is newer than 2010 the good news is that you don’t have to worry about the compatibility issues of newer, more environmentally friendly refrigerants being available and correct for use on your unit. That does not mean that you want to be refilling the refrigerant regularly though. If you are having issues with your unit leaking significant amounts of refrigerant make sure you have a qualified technician look over your unit as soon as possible. Our Gainesville local experts would be happy to help you! Call Dayton Heating and Air at 352-474-COOL today to discuss your refrigerant issues.

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