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Important Air Quality Facts You Need To Know

We have noticed many people in North-Central Florida are concerned with indoor air quality. Unfortunately most people focus most on outdoor air pollution levels and are completely unaware that the air within their own homes can be much more compromised than the air outdoors.

In addition, people don't generally consider how this poor indoor air quality can impact their health and overall quality of life. This can especially impact those who are elderly or those who have allergies, compromised immune systems or breathing issues.

Common Indoor Air Pollutants

These are very common air pollutants you may have in your own home.


Scented candles are a very popular decor item with many people. They can add a touch of ambiance and fit in as a lovely piece of decor. Something most people are unaware of is that many scented candles can also release toxic chemicals into the air you and your family are breathing. If you do use candles within your home, always make sure they are either soy or bees wax and that only essential oils are used to create the scent they give off.

Air Fresheners

Most traditional air fresheners unfortunately release toxic chemicals. These noxious chemicals can heighten asthma symptoms and other respiratory conditions. If you do enjoy using air fresheners in your own home, you may consider switching to an essential oil diffuser.


One other item most people never consider is their furniture. Many flame retardant treatments which were applied on furniture made prior to 2006 are known toxic carcinogens.

Create A Healthier And More Comfortable Home

When you begin to think about all the potential air pollutants within your home it can be very unsettling. We at Dayton Heat and Air can help you create a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment for your entire family. We offer duct cleaning, air filtration systems, air purifiers and other effective solutions for your indoor air quality issues.

We are your Gainesville air conditioning and indoor air quality services experts!

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