Why Insulation Effects Your HVAC

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Going into winter here in Newberry, Florida means that many of us are thinking about making our homes as toasty warm as possible. This means cranking up that heater right? Well, yes and no. Relying only on your HVAC system to change your home environment without considering other factors could result in a very high energy bill. Believe it or not, your HVAC system is impacted dramatically by how insulated your home is.

The most basic reason that insulation is important in your home is that it helps keep warm air in during the cold months and cold air in during the summer. Without proper insulation your home will be much less comfortable because it will not be able to hold in the temperature you prefer. Think of it as a cup with a hole in it.

In the same vein, having proper insulation will help out dramatically with your HVAC system. If your home can keep outdoor conditions from affecting the indoor temperature through insulation, your HVAC system will not have to work as hard to change the indoor temperature. This in turn will help decrease your energy usage and power bills. If your system is also not needing to work as hard, it will be far less subject to extensive wear and tear over time.

Another added benefit of insulation is that it aids in moisture control. Having an imbalanced moisture level in your home can cause issues for both your family and any wood furniture or fixtures within your home. Too little moisture can cause dry skin and make cold or allergy symptoms worse.

Dry air also can make it harder for your heating system to keep your house warm enough to be comfortable and it can take away from the ability of your indoor air cleaner to remove contaminants from your indoor air.

Too much moisture in the air on the other hand, will make it more likely for mold to develop within your home. Mold needs moisture to grow, and it also often prefers dark, warm areas. Because of these reasons, you can develop a significant mold problem without even realizing if the area effected is between the walls or in crawlspaces beneath your floor.

Proper insulation can keep excessive humidity from impacting your home and keep your family comfortable indoors throughout the year. Insulation may also help your HVAC system by keeping many potential air contaminants and allergens from coming indoors. This will also help reduce your energy bills as your system will not need to work as hard to process through dirtier air conditions.

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