Is The Weather Effecting Your Power Bill?

Severe Weather - road sign warning

Here in North Central Florida our weather is often in one extreme or another. It gets extremely hot and humid, or pouring down rain every afternoon. This time of year it switches from chilly at night to warmer during the day. Have you ever thought about how that is effecting your power bill?

What The Hot Weather Does

Our Florida weather means that the majority of the year is very hot. When you crank down your HVAC system you are straining it and causing it to use more energy. This in turn costs you more money, especially if your home is not well insulated.

What Sudden Storms Cause

During our seasons of downpour many systems may switch briefly into heat mode to compensate for the sudden drop in temperature. While this is often over before you’d even notice the switch, the unit fluctuating between modes can cause your system to use more power to try and maintain a set temperature.

What Cool Nights and Hot Days Causes

Often in our area we have a few weeks of weather where you need the heat on at night and the AC on during the day. These fluctuations like the sudden storms can cause your unit to use more power to try and stabilize the temperature in your home.

What You Can Do

While these fluctuations in weather are beyond our control, there are a few steps you can take to make sure they effect your system as little as possible. Here are some quick tips that can help keep your energy bill down:

  • Have your HVAC equipment regularly checked by a local technician to ensure its efficiency and operational status.
  • Make sure that your air filters are regularly changed in order to make sure your system is breathing properly to allow it to operate at maximum capacity.
  • Consider installing a zoning system if you have a larger home to help only condition the air in occupied areas of your home.
  • Weather-proof your home by sealing any air leaks that you find, especially ones around your doors and windows.If costs are especially high, get advice directly from your energy supplier to learn the best tips and tricks to saving energy.

To discuss these tips or to ask about regular maintenance on your HVAC system, call Dayton Heating and Air today at 352-474-COOL.

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