Important Things To Ask About Your New HVAC

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Purchasing a new HVAC system is an expensive investment that needs to be considered carefully. Here in North Central Florida the average family runs their HVAC system throughout the year due to our general humidity and hot weather. Knowing all of the facts prior to installation will ensure that you and your family will purchase the correct equipment for your continued comfort. Here are a list of issues you should ask your HVAC technician when asking about a new system.


Make sure to ask about the length of the warranties that apply to your prospective system and what kinds of repairs or replacements that are included within that. Extended warranties from the manufacturer are usually the best coverage but be sure to check what needs to be done to register your warranties as soon as possible after installation to ensure your system is covered. Be sure to explore all your options and to pick the one that seems most reasonable for you and your family.

References A reputable HVAC company should be willing and able to provide you with reliable references upon request. You want to make sure the company you choose has a solid reputation in your community and to make sure you feel comfortable with the technicians who you meet with. If a contractor is unwilling to provide you with references, you may want to consider a different contractor.

Water Protection

Water can be of a major concern here in North Central Florida, especially during the summer. If your unit is going to be in one of the rare basements or in a location that may be prone to flooding, ask your contractor if it would be possible to install the unit on a raised platform. This will prevent the unit from being damaged or destroyed in the case of flooding. Load Calculation

Ask your contractor to walk you through how he intends to calculate the load your new unit will need to carry in order to condition or heat the air within your home. This calculation will determine the type and size of system to be installed. Going over this process will make you more familiar with how your new system will be designed to ensure the comfort of your home and it will also allow you to make sure you’re on the same page as your contractor as far as your needs.

Efficiency Rating

Ask your contractor about the efficiency of the unit to make sure that you are getting the type of unit you want. More efficient units use less power to operate, however the installation cost of these units tends to be higher. Keep that in mind when setting your expectations for what type of unit you will be purchasing.

For more information on these questions or any other HVAC questions you might have, call Dayton Heating and Air at 352-474-COOL to speak to a Newberry local expert today!

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