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Are You Ready For Winter?

Preparing for our mild winters in North Central Florida is an important step and if you haven't already begun thinking about your heating system, now would be a great time to start. Before our temperatures drop too low, here are some tips and suggestions for you as we approach the middle of December:

Check Your Air Filters Checking your air filters is one of the most important tasks that a homeowner can accomplish for the continued longevity of their system. It is vital to maintaining the performance of your equipment and takes just a couple of minutes every month. We at Dayton Heat and Air recommend constant vigilance on your air filter maintenance. This simple task helps your system breathe and once you get it worked into your routine it can help gauge how your system is running. Any sudden major changes in how dirty your filter is from month to month may be an indication of a change in your system.

Get Your Unit Checked Regularly While this may seem to be an arbitrary step to many people, the reason we highly recommend you have your unit checked over by a technician regularly is to catch any potential issues while they are still minor issues. Most major problems in air conditioning systems start out as minor issues and having a professional check in on the unit regularly can allow them to keep you apprised of the situation. A technician can let you know the state of your compressor as well as any undue stress on the system as a whole before they become full blown issues. Cases like these will often save you a very costly part replacement in favor of a more minor repair. Think of this step as an investment in the long term care of your air conditioning and heating unit; which is the largest and most costly appliance in most homes.

Dayton Heat and Air technicians have the professional knowledge and the experience to ensure your unit is running at peak condition. Give us a call today and see how we can provide peace of mind that your air conditioning or heating unit is ready for winter!

Insulate Our hot and humid summers in North Central Florida provide unique challenges to make sure the cold air stays inside while also creating barriers to keep the hot air out. While our winters are short, they offer much the same issue. You want the inside of your home to stay toasty warm while keeping the cold out. Make sure you adapt as many low cost options as possible to keep your home comfortable throughout the air while keeping your power bills as low as possible. Escaping air can often be fixed with simple steps that don't cost an arm and a leg.

The largest change you can make to your home is to exchange single pane inefficient windows to dual pane energy star rated windows. This is an extreme change and is not possible for everyone however a reasonable alternative is to use adhesive weather stripping on windows and self installed door guards. Weather strips and window coverings like insulated solar blocking curtains to create insulated barriers can go a long way to lower your heating bills. Insulating also helps to relieve strain on your unit by holding in hot air as long as possible. If the unit has help keeping the home warm, it will not have to run as long.

Doing these simple things can go a long way to ensuring your home is as efficient as possible. Making sure your filters are changed regularly and your ducts are cleaned as well as having your home as insulated as possible will help to keep your heating bills as low as possible while helping your system to run at peak performance. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call Dayton Heating and Air – we’re here to help you in any of your North Central Florida heating and cooling needs!