Pet Etiquette and HVAC Technicians

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If you have pets, especially ones that are easily excitable, aggressive, territorial or protective of you and your home, inviting an HVAC technician or other tradesman into your home can be a special challenge. Not only do you not want a technician attacked or your pet to be overwrought, you certainly don’t want to worry about facing a lawsuit in the event of an attack.

Pet owners should follow a few tips for times when you are in need of a technician or they are scheduled to come perform maintenance on your system.

  • Make your technician aware of the animal prior to them arriving regardless of their personality. This is generally a courtesy to the technician but also allows them to be prepared to avoid certain areas of your home where the animal might be held during their visit.
  • If you have an animal of a high strung nature that may become aggressive or nervous, make sure that you have them restrained during the visit and that the technicians is well aware of where they are being held. Common options are out in a fenced in area (though be sure the HVAC outdoor component is not within that area if so), in a cage or in a room with the door closed. For a lengthy service call it may be worth it to you to consider taking them elsewhere if you feel it would be better for everyone involved.
  • If you’re fairly sure your pet will be okay around a visitor but have an animal that makes noises i.e. a dog that barks at strangers, be sure to warn the worker that they may do so. Make sure to introduce your animal to the technician in a quiet and confident voice so that they know you trust your technician. If your technician seems nervous it may be in your best interest to put the animal in a more secure area.
  • If you have cats, please make sure that their litter boxes are moved away from the HVAC system.
  • If your pets are prone to trying to escape if doors are left unlatched or open, make sure your technician is made aware of this. As an extra measure you may ask them to notify you if they are leaving or entering the house so that you can keep an eye on the animals.

We all love our pets and understand their quirks, so it is important for us to protect them and any visitors to our homes. Please make sure to follow these guidelines for their safety and your technician’s peace of mind. Call Dayton Heating and Air today for any HVAC needs you may have at 352-474-COOL.

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