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Surge Protection for HVAC Systems

As a precaution we use surge protection as a standard on our televisions and our computers in order to spare ourselves the loss of a costly piece of electronics. Have you ever considered your air conditioning system to need surge protection? As the most expensive piece of electronic equipment in most homes, it really is worth considering. Power surges or lightning strikes can be devastating to the sensitive boards and electrical components inside electronic items and can often cause the need to replace them.

Power Surges And Damage To HVAC Systems

At one point HVAC systems had very few electronic parts as they were mostly mechanical in nature. As time went on, units have become far more sophisticated. Our need for increased efficiency and amenities has made newer models include more computerized components. The issue with the modern HVAC system is that when a power surge hits, you have no way of determining how much damage one of them will do to your equipment. Because we live in Florida, we often expect seasons with extensive storm systems throughout the year which can cause extra worry for our area.

Large surges or direct lightning strikes can cause immediate failure to the unit and extensive damage which is difficult to repair. Large surges can cause immediate failure to your HVAC unit and extensive damage that is difficult to repair. In a number of cases, damage caused by a power surge means that the HVAC unit must be replaced, instead of being repaired.

Even if the unit survives a surge and appears to be functioning normally, there may very well be hidden damage. Over time that damage may lead to premature system failure. Because your HVAC system is a very costly investment, it is well worth thinking about an extra line of defense for your system.

What You Can Do To Protect Your HVAC System

Even though there is nothing you can do to stop power surges from occurring, there are steps you can take to help protect all the appliances in your home from becoming damaged, your HVAC included.

Having a whole home surge protector installed at the main breaker box to help prevent excess power from causing issues to items tied into the power line rather than an outlet. Using individual surge protectors to protect electronic equipment plugged in at outlets is also very beneficial.

We at Dayton Heating and Air are your local HVAC experts and we would be happy to go over your system to evaluate your surge protection. Call us today at 352-474-COOL to discuss any further concerns you may have about your system!