Don’t Rely On Luck


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from us at Dayton Heating and Air! For all the fun and games of this holiday, we can’t help but think of luck today. Have you been relying on luck to protect your HVAC equipment?

Here in Newberry, Florida we are prone to thunderstorms as we go into the summer months. You probably have surge protectors for your TV and computer, but have you considered what you’re doing to protect your HVAC system? As the largest appliance for the majority of Florida homes, your HVAC is a very hefty investment that your family relies on daily for their comfort. Have you ever considered how much money a new one would be if a sudden surge should hit it?

Surge protectors are relatively easy to install and while there is an upfront cost involved, the money you could save should a surge hit your system is well worth the investment. If a surge occurs to your unit and you have a surge protector, the surge protector will take the hit and be zapped instead of your entire system.

Another thing to consider is that if your unit does get hit, you may be without air for several days while waiting for a costly new unit to be installed. Here in Florida our weather can be extremely muggy and uncomfortable during the summer. Paying that upfront fee for a surge protector would help to ensure your unit continues to run as long as possible in the face of power surges.

If you simply cannot afford surge protection for your unit at this time, you might consider turning your unit off during major thunderstorms as a precaution. Do keep in mind this will not help if the surge is not weather related. Sometimes surges can occur for other reasons.

To discuss your options for surge protection with a local expert technician today, call Dayton Heating and Air at 352-474-COOL.

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