Why Not To Wait For AC Repairs

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The weather here in North Central Florida has been extremely mild the past couple of weeks and it is probably very tempting to just ignore any issues with your air conditioning system. After all, if you aren’t running it as much what could it be hurting? Despite that common belief, running your HVAC system with impaired function can actually cause a lot of harm in the long run.

Avoid Costly Large Repairs

Ignoring any signs that your HVAC system is in need of repair can cause even more extensive damage. Something minor that is occurring during this season of mild weather can exponentially worsen by the time spring comes around. Having repairs performed by a local technician during the off season can actually save you time and money. Knowing how hot Florida gets when it starts heating up here, you may actually benefit from calling to schedule during milder weather. After all, if your unit is in need of a part and needs to be turned off for a day or two while that part is ordered, what better time to do the repair than when you don’t actually need to cool your home for your family’s comfort?

Lower Your Chance Of An Emergency Call

Because your unit’s small issue could cause serious issues if left untended by a professional, waiting until you really need that cold air could result in a true emergency call. This means that you will be in a queue of people waiting to have their unit looked at and all the while you will be waiting without cool air. Far fewer people call for service during winter so you would be able to get taken care of more quickly.

Help Protect Your Investment

In most Floridian homes the HVAC system is by far the most expensive appliance. Putting off repair work for minor issues can shorten the lifespan of your system. Even if it seems like your system is still cooling your house down, having issues can cause the system to work harder and the added stress can cause components to fail. This in turn will cause costly repairs or replacement of the whole system. Having regular maintenance by a certified technician can help catch any of these issues on the onset and will over time save you money. Call Dayton Heating and Air today to speak to a local expert about your options to protect your investment. 352-474-COOL

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